Travel in an Uncertain World

If you’re watching the news these days, you might wonder, like me, what in the world is happening? Why is everyone so angry? Why does anyone want to hate, much less harm, someone—anyone? What possible reason could there be to justify such vicious acts onto someone else? What self-hatred or fear could possibly reside within these terrorists who live among us? Who taught them to hate or to fear others? Why? Where is their moral compass? Why should anyone be bothered by what colour anyone’s skin is, what religious belief someone has or what religious garb or symbol anyone chooses to wear? Why would that make anyone feel insecure or hateful?

What do you need to remove from the burden you carry?

I wish I had the answers. After all, we were all blessed with free will and every human is entitled to that. It is not anyone’s job to impose his or her beliefs onto anyone else.

In his book Playful Intelligence: The Power of Living Lightly in a Serious World, Dr. Anthony T. DeBenedet explains how playfulness helps us counterbalance the seriousness of adulthood. We need to inject a dose of playful intelligence into our everyday thinking if we ever hope to achieve world peace and learn to treat all humans and creatures with dignity. Perhaps politicians around the world could take heed and not take themselves so seriously when they are negotiating on OUR behalf. I say to them: It’s time to put your big boy or big girl pants on, behave responsibly and set an example.

We don’t know what life has in store for us. “There but for the grace of God go I” is very relevant these days as we explore Earth and all its wonders. It is important to always be aware of your surroundings as you travel the world. The massive growth in immersive experiences may take some of you to fascinating destinations where you may not fully understand the consequences of your daredevil decisions. By all means, explore, test your boundaries and enjoy, but always remain informed and vigilant. Knowledge and common sense remain your best weapons against foolhardy choices that may land you in precarious circumstances. Trust your intuition—a gift we all possess, yet sadly dismiss too often these days. We all have instincts; learn to use them and, more importantly, follow them.

Whenever fear or anxiety overwhelm you, let Earth’s healing beauty wash over you and ground you.

And, before you plan any itinerary, always check the Canadian Government’s Travel Advisory for updates on the country you’re planning to visit.

As summer winds down, we will soon welcome the fall solstice. The Hebrew world, Selah, comes to mind. It means stop, pause, look around you and reflect on everything you see. Fall is like that. The glorious colours stop us dead in our tracks as we admire and appreciate Mother Nature for what she is. As farmers bring in the harvest, it’s time for reflection and long country walks or drives as well as celebration as we, in turn, surround ourselves with family members and friends in thanksgiving and express our gratitude for all we take for granted in this peaceful land we call Canada.


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