Tour the Galapagos With the Experts

Decades before the larger cruise lines decided to add the Galapagos to their list of itineraries, Ecoventura was introducing travellers to the wonders of these stunning islands where the up-close view of wildlife is remarkable, fascinating, and yes, at times heartbreaking. Nowhere else on Earth can you get so close to the wildlife, which never developed a fear of humans. Mother Nature rules here and no one tries to interfere with the cycle of life. Each island is incredibly different with landscapes ranging from volcanic, black rock formations to endless sandy beaches where curious baby seals hobble over to you. Ecoventura guides are tops in their field and have a deep love and respect for these fragile islands and their inhabitants. As such, the company has followed sustainable practices since its inception and continues to take a leading role in the protection and preservation of these beautiful islands through its Ecology Project International program. Their ships are comfortable yachts, which accommodate just 20 guests in 10 spacious staterooms. Our Ecoventura trip to the Galapagos transformed our lives and I highly recommend them.

The wildlife in the Galapagos has no fear of humans. (V&V Hospitality & Media Services)

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