What’s Your Travel Personality?

It can be hard to decide where to vacation next. Why not look to the stars for inspiration? Where would your Zodiac sign have you go?

Hard-core adventurers, Aries need vigorous activities to keep that fire burning. Camping on the mountainside of a volcano in Ethiopia, hiking up to Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains of Peru or fiery destinations like Rotorua, New Zealand; Reykjavík, Iceland; and the Big Island of Hawaii are right up their alley.

Grounded, responsible Taurus prefers relaxation and the finer things in life, in which case a villa on the coast of Greece is very appealing. Alternative earthy destinations include Cannes, France; Greenland; Cypress; Tuscany, Italy; and Napa or Sonoma, California.

Quick-thinking, intellectual Gemini needs to be challenged. Tokyo, Japan, with its Shinto temples and robot restaurants comes to mind. Amsterdam offers enough choices to satisfy any curiosity as do Belgium and Austria.

Cautious and rooted in family and home, Cancer wants to create new memories. A quaint beach town like Carmel, California, or a lakeside cabin somewhere in Canada are fitting choices for those homey, low-key vibes. Cancer could also find comfort in a B&B stay in Northern Norway, Québec City or in the Scottish Highlands.

Warm-hearted Leo aches to be where the action is and has no problem taking centre stage. What’s more fun, frivolous and fabulous than Mardi Gras in Rio—the world’s greatest party? Other favourites are Ibiza, Spain; Hawaii; Italy; and Cuba.

Disciplined Virgo needs a break from schedules but also prefers to adhere to a strict itinerary. Virgoans seek fresh air and healthy, clean, organized and well-designed destinations that offer a dose of culture to meet their mental needs. Comfort and relaxation in beautiful, natural places are found in Sweden; Osaka, Japan; the Bavarian Alps of Germany; and the Cotswolds in England.

Romantic Libra’s favourite getaway must include a cherished companion to share it with. A couple’s retreat on the Hawaiian island of Kauai or trips to Paris, France; Tuscany, Italy; Vienna, Austria; or Cinque Terre, Italy, all work as long as a love interest is present.

Private and passionate Scorpio wants somewhere safe to let down their hair and relax. Why not head to Barcelona, Spain, to take in the city’s art, architecture and dining scene? Soul-quenching options include Cambodia, a secret bay in the West Indies, Chena Hot Springs in Alaska, and Fogo Island off Newfoundland.

Philosophical and open-minded Sagittarius loves travel, freedom and adventure. The ancient city of Bagan in Myanmar features plenty of holy sites and Buddhist monuments to be appreciated. These gypsies-at-heart might also consider the Galapagos or an epic climb up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for that big-picture view.

Conservative, practical, business-like Capricorn plans holidays months ahead. A perfect vacation involves equal doses of rest and recreation, surrounded by the best of everything. A luxury resort in the Caribbean, a cruise through the Balearic Islands in Spain or trip to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, may be just what the doctor ordered.

Quirky Aquarius follows the heart and instincts. Someplace that excites the imagination and satisfies a deep connection to a humanitarian cause or to animals is essential. Beautiful Kerala, India, has plenty of volunteer opportunities and an environmentally sensitive trek to observe the gorilla silverback in Uganda is a dream come true.

Someone who values solitude, Pisces seeks spiritual calm and time for inner reflection. Crossing an ocean or being near water is paramount. A retreat in Sri Lanka for inner and outer balance or an escape to Halaveli in the Maldives provides ample time free from distractions.

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