Lindblad Expeditions Head Off to Japan

The Peace Garden in Hiroshima. (V&V Hospitality & Media Services)

Lindblad Expeditions has announced two new fascinating adventurous itineraries to Japan in 2021 on board the 102-guest National Geographic Orion. Departing September 15, 2021, the Coastal Japan: Imperial Dynasties and Modern Culture itinerary takes you back in time on a 14-night voyage into Japan’s riveting history, from the historic castle towns of the Edo period to the elegant shrines and merchant districts of the Meiji era to the poignant sites of World War II. Another, Sailing the East China Sea: Japan, Okinawa and Taiwan, departs September 28, 2021, and introduces you to a wide array of natural wonders, historic sites and cultural treasures as you island-hop your way from Japan to Taiwan.

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