Month: July 2020

The Journey Within: SHAME

First, let me say shame is not a natural emotion. We are not born with shame. Shame is a social emotion that is learned from our parents, our society, our culture, our religious leaders, our teachers, our bosses, or any significant other. In other words, the emotion of shame is taught and imposed on us. HOW DOES SHAME FEEL? Shame feels dark, heavy, lonely, unlovable, humiliated, undeserving, inadequate, self-flawed, self-loathing, unworthy. Shame carries feelings of …

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Use the Chaos of Life to Wake Up.

This simple, yet powerful, phrase in white font against a cheery pink background greets me every time I open my laptop. It puts things in perspective, no matter what kind of day I may be having. If I am not experiencing any chaos, it reminds me to thank my lucky stars and be grateful for all I have: my home, health, partner, family, friends, work, God-given gifts, life experiences and so much more. On the …

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